About Us

About Us


For over 25 years we’ve been cultivating the spirit of the neighborhood café in every place we reach. We believe that experiences also have a certain “flavor” and that every interaction is an opportunity for people to connect, share generously, and create those simple small moments that warm our heart. 

All our menu items are prepared fresh daily, on the spot, with the finest ingredients.

Every morning you’ll be greeted by the smell of our pastries and freshly ground coffee, and your salad will be seasoned as you see fit.
Get in on the sweet secret of our world-renowned muffins.
Of course, most of our items have a vegetarian option as well.

Our baristas are true professionals we trained properly. These coffee experts will gladly take on the challenge to create your coffee exactly how you like it!
Nondairy you prefer? They have plant based milk substitutes to offer.

Our menu updates constantly with foods and drinks for you to indulge in whichever taste you crave:

A strong macchiato on the way to work, chocolate croissant to give your day a sweet start, an energy shot to boost your workout, salad bowl for your lunch break, a little bite on the way to the beach, or simply grab & go for a picnic in the park.

You can hang out on our terrace with friends, or have a business meeting at the big table, and maybe… just you and a muffin, to spoil yourself a little / simply because you “earned it”.

We look forward to celebrating all these flavors and moments with you.